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Hello Awesome people 👋,

These days I’m reading the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari where I came across a very interesting concept of how people and communities work. They are formed because peoples with the same mindset, goals, and Notions come together for a purpose of sharing experiences, knowledge and all good/bad things happening in their lives. It is rooted in common myths that exist in people's collective imaginations. But one thing is sure, sometimes you need someone to make you feel/aware that, “you belong to us” and I think Akash and Yogini are doing a great job here at Peerlist.

They are building an awesome community around Peerlist product for the people in tech.

there are no gods in the universe, no nations, no money, no human rights, no laws & justice outside the common notions of human beings - Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

What is Peerlist? ✨

Peerlist is a professional community-led networking platform to connect with awesome folks like you and showcase all of your work across the internet at a single place. Didn’t understand? wait, let me explain… most meaning.avif

Gone are the days when applicants were writing basic resumes with all bunch of useless things. Nowadays there is a lot of competition to get the same role in the company. So, grabbing opportunities is not easy. You need to stand out of the crowd to be seen by potential recruiters. For that, you need to give Signal. To signal, folks these days are doing other things apart from conventional practices. They are sharing their learnings & experiences by writing articles/newsletters, building & launching products on product hunt, creating content on youtube, making awesome designs and sharing on Figma/Dribble communities, contributing to open source projects on GitHub and doing a whole bunch of other things.

So, doing all of this isn’t alone much useful if you are not curating all your work across various platforms, showcasing it well & sharing it with people who can appreciate your work. That's where Peerlist comes into the picture.

It allows you to showcase your work across platforms, thanks to seamless Peerlist integrations. It’s the best meaningful work profile you can have where you can show your skills, work experience, projects and all those things we have discussed above. The good thing is creating and managing your peerlist profile is very easy and hustle-free. You can re-order your profile content in order to highlight your best work.

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Apart from this, there is a lot more you can do …..

Explore more on peerlist.io

PS : I enjoy reading peerlist Blogs 😌📑

Hiring done right with trust

The entire world runs on trust. But Due to competition, candidates glorify things by adding dummy experiences, skills, etc in the resume’s/linkedin and try to seek attention. I have seen this a lot around me. Trust is hard to gain these days. Recruiters are also not able to judge the right candidates without going through the entire interview process which we know is the most time & resource-consuming task for companies.

Peerlist is trying to solve these problems, now you can verify your work experience. You don’t need to do anything much, Peerlist just takes care of that. Now you have a verified tag in front of work experience and hence you gain the trust.

When I write, “I know Typescript very well”, I need something which will advocate for me apart from saying that I know typescript. That's proof of work. Instead of saying; Show them, Do tell! and you’ll have some brownie points for sure.

Don't miss out on the best opportunities on peerlist jobs. Check it out: peerlist.io/jobs

  1. For individuals : peerlist.io/individuals opportunnites.png

  2. For Recruiters : peerlist.io/recruiters hire.png

My Peerlist story

My Peerlist story is really fascinating. I was scrolling through the Peerlist scroll (obviously!🙂) and stumbled upon a post by Salman; found the post interesting so I commented on his post asking questions out of curiosity. Akash also commented on the post in order to understand more about the context. From Then, Salman and I started having good conversations about things in tech.

Now, we are good friends building and breaking stuff together. Isn't this one of the purposes of Peerlist? Networking 🙌.

My Final thoughts

I have seen Peerlist growing from scratch and really believing in the product and the problems it is solving with the community. Soon, Peerlist will change lots of things regarding professional networking, proof of work and hiring. Lot more things to come.

Peerlist has a very good UBP - unique bragworthy proposition which helps in the organic growth of the platform. The community is snowballing day by day, helping individuals network with like-minded folks and get good opportunities.

Soon in the community, sharing Peerlist profile to recruiters instead of resumes will become a usual thing in tech hiring, especially in the startup world.

Here I have tried to memefy the context. (Yup that good my handwriting & drawing is 😁)

illustration 1.jpg

Thanks for reading this article till the end. Share it with your friends and don't forget to check out my peerlist profile. Create your profile within a few minutes if you still haven’t and let's become peers.

I've just started learning to share my thoughts on the internet in the form of articles so it would be great if you could write down your feedback and thoughts in the comments below.